Dear Steven Tyler

steven-tylers-new-single-love-isSteven Tyler, Love Is Your Name

My hair stylist asked me yesterday if I was still “fascinated” with your country song, Love Is Your Name…and with you!

Last I was in, I told her of my “fascination”!  She laughed and, I swear, nearly pee-ed her pants.  Not because of you, but because it was coming from a Jesus loving, down to earth, fairly straight laced, 50 something, classically trained music girl.

YES…I was still fascinated!!!

Honestly, it is more than just you…though we both commented about your splendid hair! Appropriate!

I love the way you hum at the beginning of the song.   It’s like you are drinking in…

a dream,

a most pleasing thought,

the joy of the moment.

I’m a lyric listener and love what you are saying in this song…for your muse to come, for the next thing to come into your life that is truly a love, a passion.    I loved that!  I need that!  I pray that a lot….

God, please bring me a passion…something I will love doing that brings meaning and purpose to this life of mine.  

Yes…I’d walk through the fire (hard things), run through the rain (with joy), and wait for forever (oh the patience and looonnnggg suffering) if love is your name….

if what I’m to do next is my passion,

my purpose,

my life well lived.  

You seem to have had many passions and LOVES come into your life…and taken them to their fullest.    Some may not have been all that great in your life…and yet…here you are…

still alive,

still full of life,

still inspiring.

And that is where you come in.   Yes…you, yourself, are an muse of inspiration to this girl.  I really only knew you as the poster boy of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” lead singer.  BUT…

You’ve survived drug addictions and are in recovery.  You’ve survived all kinds of relationships and still want to love.  You’ve used your gift, almost lost it, and still using it all these years later to encourage people.

You put all of your self in when you sing.

You are wide open and not afraid to tell your story.  

You are not afraid to be YOU.

I happen to watch an interview you did with someone…can’t remember who…where the interviewer said to you, “People think you are egotistical.”  Your response hit me in the gut.

You said, “Ego is what has made me.”

There is such a bad rap for the EGO.  And yet, if we could all just hold on to the part that makes us brave…

Brave to do.  

To go for things.  

To step out.  

To be our selves!  

Maybe we’d all become more of what God wants for us.

To truly be ourselves.  To live as God made us to be…for Him and others.

Thank you, Steven Tyler, for the song and for being you…all your messy, fun, totally living-out-loud, inspiriting self.

Loving Your Name Today,

Letters To….


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Dear People,

Have a nice day!!!

How many times a day do you say to someone, “Have a nice day”, or here in the south, “have a good one” –whatever the ONE is!? 🙂  Or maybe you get a bit more flourish-y and say, “have an amazing day” or “have an awesome day.”

I’ve done it.  I do it.  Now just a bit less so.

One day I said “have a nice day” to my former boss.  He is someone I admire and respect.  He is someone who has been through a lot in life. He is “recovering,” which in my books makes him a very self aware, tell it like it is, able to relate to struggles, and humble man.  He once had dreadlocks, then shaved his head, and is now, once again, growing his hair out.   He’s a wonderful dad to three kids and a good business man. He’s easy to share with and often gives the most interesting perspective to situations.

So I said “have a nice day” and his reply, very kindly, was,

“I’ll have whatever kind of day I want. Don’t tell me what to do.”

WACK!   BAM!  

TRUTH?    Yes, maybe?   YES….Truth!

Me, telling him, telling people, all the time, in the moray of pleasantness, politeness, social facade, and cheer-giving, what to do.

It made me stop.  It made me think….

Maybe there is something that really isn’t nice about someone’s day…grief, sorrow, pain.  I don’t know. I’ve had those days that weren’t nice, amazing, awesome, or a “good one.”

Could I care a bit more?

That other normalized pleasantry I say a lot…”how are you?”…do I really want to know?  If not, why do I ask?

Could I REALLY care a bit more?

What else could I say?  Maybe a compliment instead?

If I’m trying to be pleasant and spread love, peace or a “good day”, what could I do or say? Give a listening ear, a prayer, a word of encouragement, do a “me, too.  I’ve had one of those days and it made me feel ______.”?

What if I got truthful about the day I’m having (with discretion depending on who talking to, as in the grocery store clerk or my best friend)?    What if I said, “I’m having one of those days where my head won’t let go of a nasty thought.  Ever have one of those days?   What kind of day are you having?”

What if I asked them what kind of day do they want or need today?  What if I blessed them with that?

What if I just let them have the day they need?   Sometimes I need to have a bad day. Sometimes I have to lean into a painful feeling to let that work me to the other side. Sometimes I have to talk to myself asking an unloving thought going through my mind to STOP or ask if it is true.

Dear People, don’t tell my old boss to have a good day.

Don’t tell me what kind of day to have…unless, at this point, you just want to make me laugh!

Think twice maybe?  



Share truth?  

Be you?  

Let others be them?

Bless…truly bless?

What kind of day do you want or need today?

Have a ______ day,

Letters To....


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